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Re: Pkgsrc unusable on lots of platforms now

On Wed, 30 Nov 2016 14:14:26 +0100, Martin Husemann <>

> So, PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS += -pulseaudio got me a lot further. I also

I do this as a matter of course.  It got pulled in anyway when I built
"x11/kde-baseapps4", but until then I was wonderfully pulseaudio-free.

> had to add -introspection (which never realy works for me and made
> the build fail due to libgthread calling an undefined weak symbold
> __deregister_frame_info).

This sounds like what I've been struggling with in pkg/51266.  I also
see that you've recently added an "instropection" option (so it can be
diabled) to a number of the packages I reported problems with.  Perhaps
you might do the same with the others mentioned in the PR?

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