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Re: Do not update textproc/icu to 58.1

Hi Ryo-san,

Thus wrote Ryo ONODERA (

> ucol_getKeywordValuesForLocale() from icu 58.1 does not work like before
> and www/firefox gets segfault. For example, if you input a character in
> a search box in Firefox UI, you will get immediate segfault.
> Please do not update textproc/icu to 58.1.
> I will investigate this problem and report this to upstream.
> Of course someone can find a resolution, please sent it upstream.
> I suspect the icu ticket #12520.

Is this fixed with 49.0.2? Or is it depending on the specific locale?

I assume "Find in page" qualifies as search box, and that works fine
for me with this:

103% pkg_info | grep icu
icu-58.1            Robust and full-featured Unicode services
104% pkg_info | grep firefox
firefox-49.0.2nb1   Web browser with support for extensions (version 49)
105% echo $LC_CTYPE

I'd not describe it as "perfectly stable" but 49 isn't great regarding
this with icu-57.1 either.

icu has 510 dependents and I'm currently checking if all still compile,
don't exactly expect an update tomorrow, even if the firefox issue is
fixed. :-7


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