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Re: changing the default pkgdbdir used in bootstrap script

"Sevan / Venture37" <> writes:

> On the other BSDs in the family where pkgsrc is not the primary /
> native packaging system there is a conflict over the usage of the pkg
> directory.
> Rather than trying to deal with these platforms on a case by case
> basis to override this setting & use an alternative directory, any
> objection to using a different name by default??

> -[ -z "$pkgdbdir" ] && pkgdbdir=${varbase}/db/pkg
> +[ -z "$pkgdbdir" ] && pkgdbdir=${varbase}/db/pkgsrc

I think Hubert's suggestion of LOCALBASE has merit.

Also, if /var/db/pkg is going to be avoided by changing to
/var/db/pkgsrc, then /usr/pkg should also be avoided.  If the db is in
LOCALBASE, then this is moot.

What are the downsides of using a db under LOCALBASE on platforms where
pkgsrc is not native?

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