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Re: c++11

On 03.11.2016 17:03, Taylor R Campbell wrote:
>    Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2016 13:56:20 +0100
>    From: Thomas Klausner <>
>    Shouldn't we rather add support to USE_LANGUAGES like this:
>    USE_LANGUAGES+=	c++11
>    and make set CXXFLAGS and request a good-enough compiler?
> I like that approach.

Please consider adding C++14 and perhaps c++17 as well. At least tbb
(wip/threadingbuildingblocks) has switch-cases for C++11 and C++14
building - I would like to configure the flavor with USE_LANGUAGES value.

c11 is needed value as well.

It's reasonable to switch - behind the scenes - to g++11, g++14, g++17
and gnu11. This will address a common issue with alloca(3) from our
libc, which cannot work properly and the GNU builtin won't be picked up.

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