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Re: CUPS SSL not working

Hello Stephan,

Stephan writes:
> Replying to myself:
> CUPS 2.x is compatible with GNUTLS. I was able to build a pkgsrc
> package with SSL by changing the Makefile as below:
> CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        --enable-gnutls
> .include "../../security/gnutls/"
> Including OpenSSL is not necessary anymore. Please consider changing
> this in upstream.
As you have noticed in previous email `--enable-ssl' is appended
to CONFIGURE_ARGS; also openssl bl3 is correctly .include-d but I
think that the configure script is not able to pick up openssl and
ends up without defining HAVE_SSL (at least on non-Darwin, after a
cursory look).

However, I'm not sure if (a) it's better to use GnuTLS, (b) improve
the configure logic (probably modifying `config-scripts/cups-ssl.m4'
and the regen the configure script) or - (c) both - i.e. define a
PKG_OPTIONS_GROUP to permit linking with openssl or gnutls (and
then use "openssl" by default) (after doing (b)).

I'll try to give a more in depth look in the next days (if noone
will precede me) trying to implement (c).

Thank you for reporting this problem and for sharing a solution!

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