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Re: cwrappers (Was: shell wrappers: merge -l nameoflib into a single -lnameoflib)

On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 12:30:21AM +0100, David Brownlee wrote:
> Does anyone know what was outstanding for cutting across to using
> cwrappers by default? A lot of people have been using it for quite a
> while now, and it would be nice to have only one copy of all that
> infrastructure :)

With my systems (mostly rather old Linux systems), I use GCC_REQD=4.8
for most packages that use c++. With cwrappers, build silently falls
back to using the system default compiler, sometimes failing the build.

This happens

  a) if USE_CCACHE=yes

  b) for packages using libtool

Haven't re-checked that in a while, but I don't remember anything new
about that since march:

Another problem was with a multi-component COMPILER_RPATH_FLAG variable

This is not visible anymore with graphics/glew since
graphics/glew/patches/patch-ac changed the Makefile to call $(CC)
instead of $(LD).

I am not opposed to making CWRAPPERS a new default, as long as I get a
tuning knob for not using them.
I actually _do_ use them, but my mk.conf has some logic to avoid it with
USE_CCACHE or libtool.


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