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Re: some x11 stuff in pkgsrc is hopelessly broken for slightly older systems

Just to throw my $0.02 into this thread...

I've generally had success with "native" Xorg on all post-NetBSD-5 systems.
That is, "X11_TYPE" is undefined in those systems' "/etc/mk.conf".

I have a couple of machines running -current using pkgsrc/"modular" Xorg
due to hardware driver support issues (xsrc/50599, xsrc/50353), the
latter PR affecting NetBSD-7 also.

I have generally not had issues with X11 library support and the pkgsrc
system seems to DTRT if the "native" version is too old.

(I should note that I only have one installation of NetBSD-6/i386
remaining and it's only around to build a working "sysutils/memtestplus".
All other systems run NetBSD-7 or the latest -current.)

(I should also note that I occasionally bash my head against MacOS X
10.4.11, aka "Tiger", but only because I can't install anything later
on my hardware.  That machine also leaves "X11_TYPE" undefined and is
treated as "modular".  There are currently other issues preventing
building any but the most basic of X11 applications on that platform.)

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