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Re: some x11 stuff in pkgsrc is hopelessly broken for slightly older systems

At Thu, 21 Jul 2016 00:16:38 +0200, Joerg Sonnenberger <> wrote:
Subject: Re: some x11 stuff in pkgsrc is hopelessly broken for slightly older systems
> On Wed, Jul 20, 2016 at 11:20:36AM -0700, Greg A. Woods wrote:
> > Guys, the point is that pkgsrc supports XAW_TYPE=3d and X11_TYPE=native.
> Limited support in both cases. For NetBSD 5, we have been advising to
> use X11_TYPE=modular for a long time for example. 

Sorry I've never seen such a recommendation, and I can't find one in the
main pkgsrc document, and I'm not using NetBSD-5 for this situation either.
(My old machines are actually still stuck on a much older pkgsrc, sigh.)

The actual pkgsrc documentation, as of today, last revision on
2016/07/14, still says that only on DragonFlyBSD is "X11_TYPE=modular"
the default.

FYI, I don't have X11_TYPE defined anywhere myself -- and when I ask
"make -V X11_TYPE" what value it has, it still shows up as "native".
This is because of the line setting the default in still sets
it to "native" for everything but explicitly NetBSD-5*, thus I have:

	$ make -V '${MACHINE_PLATFORM} is set to X11_TYPE=${X11_TYPE}'
	NetBSD-7.99.5-x86_64 is set to X11_TYPE=native

Of course setting the default in the way it was done doesn't even help
those few NetBSD-5 users figure out why things aren't building if
they've manually still set X11_TYPE=native (as I'm sure some, other than
myself, also did back then).  It certainly does nothing for NetBSD-6 and
NetBSD-7 (and future NetBSD-8, and you get the picture) users.  But it
also wouldn't help NetBSD-4 users either.

If 'modular' is truly the only way to support X11 add-on packages, then
it must be very explicitly and clearly said and done, preferably with
very clear warnings issued automatically by "make" when X11_TYPE is not
set exactly as would be expected for the best results.  Setting the
default for the NetBSD platform (for all systems, not just those newer
than NetBSD-4) would be a really good start.

As far as I'm concerned, and so far as I can see in any documentation or
such, the native XFree86 build is still fully supported for NetBSD
source builds up to and including NetBSD-7.0.  However if pgksrc can't
handle X11_TYPE=native even on NetBSD-7.x then it must be explicit about
that fact.

Are there so few people using pkgsrc directly to build their own
packages from source that everyone, somehow, learned to put
"X11_TYPE=modular" in their /etc/mk.conf file but then promptly forgot
about it and nobody else has tripped over breakage in very important
packages like libXft until I did?  Are the test and binary build
machines not actually using raw system defaults?  Someone needs to
remove /etc/mk.conf from all of them!

Also, just how exactly is this supposed to be compatible with the use of
native X11 libraries on any other non-NetBSD systems?  Sure my OSX
systems with XQuartz are actually using the equivalent of "modular" so
they have the necessary pkg-config files, but are all of these doing so
natively in all supported releases as well?  Is OSX Tiger still supposed
to be supported by pkgsrc?

      $ grep 'X11_TYPE?=.*native' mk/platform/*
      mk/platform/           native
      mk/platform/           native
      mk/platform/   native
      mk/platform/    native
      mk/platform/           native
      mk/platform/          native
      mk/platform/            native

I'm not objecting to switching to using X11_TYPE=modular, I'm objecting
to the fact that it's not documented clearly, and that it still appears
to be fully supported in the infrastructure internals, and that it is in
fact still the default for most systems, *BUT* that it is broken in
*some* packages with no actual hint as to the root cause of the

In the mean time the build problems I've encountered with at least two
of the broken packages do not seem to me to have anything to do with
"native" vs. "modular" (unless things are even more completely screwed
up in the land of than I thought they were).

						Greg A. Woods
						Planix, Inc.

<>       +1 250 762-7675

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