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Re: tex-*-doc packages

Mark Davies <> writes:

> I've been wondering about how we handle the texlive doc packages.
> Currently we do them as separate packages: for a tex-foo package
> we have a separate tex-foo-doc package to deal with the foo.doc
> tarball.
> I wonder if we should keep them as separate packages or role them into
> the base package (possibly with a variable to control inclusion).

I think that they should either

  stay as is


  have doc included with packages only, with no possibilit to exclude

Basically I view the existence of any particular option as a bug (but
the options framework I do not view that way), because options don't
work for binary packages.

I would ask:

  how much hassle is it to have doc packages

  how many users want the doc packages

  how many actively don't want docs

  what extra dependencies would be added to a typical install?  To a
  minimal use texlive install?

  how much space do the docs take?

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