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Re: security/polkit not working with evbarm-current

This is strange (or so I think).

> -	ldr r7, =.Lpoly1305_init_constants_neon
> +	adr r7, .Lpoly1305_init_constants_neon
My ARM knowledge is a bit dated (from Acorn 310 and ARM 2 times), but I 
guess still nowadays neither of the two instructions is a real assembler 
instruction. Both should assemble to something like
	ADD R7, R15, <offset of .Lpoly1305_init_constants_neon to PC+8>
(assuming the offset is in a suitable range).
So could you find out what instructions the assembler generates for the 
two variants? I'm afraid it may be the assembler's fault that one variant 
doesn't work.
Or am I completely wrong with today's ARMs?

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