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Re: Best approach for a FreePascal Package

On Sat, Jun 25, 2016 at 10:18:53AM +0200, Daniel ?lschlegel wrote:
 > I was curious why we haven't FreePascal 3.0 and Lazarus 1.6 in our Pkgsrc
 > repo. OpenBSD und FreeBSD have versions already. So i looked into the
 > Makefile and saw for FPC it requires an older FPC version for building the
 > compiler. We haven't for a long time no FPC in our repo. Nicely the
 > FreePascal project provides for some architecture older binaries(for NetBSD
 > i386/AMD64 in version 2.6.4) to bootstrap to 3.0.
 > What is the best approach to create a pkgsrc recipt for that problem? I
 > have a problem that i need to download a specific binary from Sourceforge,
 > which have somewhere linker problems(crosscompiled and unmaintained) and
 > build with this newer versions of fpc. Also, we haven't the full control
 > about that code or provided version. The limitation of some architectures
 > doesn't look like best design and creates more exceptions for building
 > binaries.

Binary bootstrap kits are in general not desirable and usually
acceptable only if they've been prepared by a committer (that is,
someone known who has signed agreements, etc.) -- given recent history
a binary downloaded from sourceforge is clearly not a good plan.

There is no other way to build the thing other than with itself?

. o O ( ...someone wrote a compiler in pascal? )

David A. Holland

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