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Re: fonts/harfbuzz on netbsd-7

John Klos <> writes:

> Has anyone tried?
> => Tool dependency libtool-base>=2.2.6bnb3: found libtool-base-2.4.2nb12
> => Tool dependency gmake>=3.81: found gmake-4.2
> => Tool dependency pkgconf-[0-9]*: found pkgconf-
> => Build dependency x11-links>=1.02: found x11-links-1.02
> => Full dependency icu>=57.1: found icu-57.1
> => Full dependency glib2>=2.34.0: found glib2-2.48.0
> ...
>   CXX      libharfbuzz_la-hb-glib.lo
> In file included from
> hb-ft.h:34:22: fatal error: ft2build.h: No such file or directory
>  #include <ft2build.h>
>                       ^
> compilation terminated.

I dimly remember this.   I think it had to do with native freetype2 vs
pkgsrc.   2016Q1 or current?  USE_X11=?   If native, is pkgsrc freetype2
installed?  Which is buildlinked?

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