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Re: SUSE_PREFER in mk/emulator/

On Mon, May 09, 2016 at 06:39:58PM +0200, Edgar Fu wrote:
> > we had to enhance the linux compat code in netbsd 7 to make 
> > suse 13.1 binaries work.
> Thanks, I see.
> What are these enhancements, exactly? Is there a chance of them to be pulled 
> up to 6? SuSE 12 is EoL and several of the packages are vulnerable.

I didn't remember, I had to dig around a bit to see what I had changed in
sys/compat/linux{,32}.  it looks like it was mainly:

 - adding the AT_RANDOM ELF aux entry
 - adding the *at() syscalls
 - increasing the linux kernel version that we claim to be

it shouldn't be a large set of changes to merge to netbsd 6.x,
but I had several bugs along the way so the main complication
would just be making sure to get all the fixes too (all by maxv I think).

note that a lot of the suse 13.1 packages in pkgsrc are vulnerable too,
it's been a while since they've been updated.


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