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Re: distfile fetch fail on netbsd-5

    Date:        Sun, 8 May 2016 14:08:15 +1000
    From:        Carl Brewer <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | What's the trick, if there is one, to make make work on a 5.x NetBSD system?

I'm not sure I understand correctly what the issue is, I only just read
this one message, and not the sequence leading up to it, but if the
problem is that your NetBSD 5 make won't build some oackage which is
relying on features from newer NetBSD make, then you might want to look
at PR pkg/42704 (which contains a patch I used to use to handle this
exact problem.)

The PR was closed without the patch being applied for much the same reason
you have been given here (you can read the discussion in the PR).

If you apply that patch, all you need is to put USE_TOOLS+= bmake in the
relevant package's Makefile (or perhaps even in your mk.conf, though
I did not test that method, so I am not sure it won't break packages that
need gmake or something different.)

The patch was from NetBSD 4, bu I doubt it will be difficult to make work on 5.


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