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Re: octave-4.0.0 in pkgsrc wip for testing

"Darrin B. Jewell" <> writes:

> I updated math/octave to version 4.0.0, but have only done
> limited testing and have only built on Darwin.  I've committed
> a copy to wip/octave4 so that others may build and test it.
> I would like a report or two that it's been built and/or tested
> on other platforms before I update it into pkgsrc proper.  I
> additionally would like feedback if people think it's important
> to re-import the existing version of octave 3.6.4 as math/octave3
> because they need the stability and/or functionality of the
> existing version.

Could you fix it on NetBSD?

Could you test your updates on NetBSD before committing in future?
NetBSD is the primary platform, whether we like it or not.


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