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python package default write permissions on egg-info files

In discussing a bit with upstream on the py-pyparsing egg-info group and world write permissions issue,
it appears that distro maintainers whose primary platform is Windows(tm) may be the culprit
in a large majority of the cases.

In this type of case, the distro doesn't manage *at all* the egg-info files.

If absent, 'python sdist --formats=gztar' (for example) will create the missing egg-info 
directory and contents with the default windows permissions, which unfortunately seem to be 
read & write for everybody.   YEAH! 

well, not really.  Especially not for later installation on a non Windows system.

Other than encouraging upstream to directly "manage" the egg-info files in their source code
management system (it's theoretically easy enough to do: 'python egg_info' followed
by a manual change in permissions prior to committing these files).

Does anybody know of a better way? (like some magical undocumented parameter to sdist
that would set the equivalent of umask, or something to that effect in pydistutils.cfg :-)
Richard PALO

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