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Are there regular bulk builds with PKGSRC_RUN_TEST=yes?


I am running NetBSD 7.0/amd64 inside a VirtualBox, and I ran into an
issue that Go programs cannot be profiled. When I opened a bug against
Go, I've been told that it sounded very unlikely.

Therefore, I rebuilt all my local pkgsrc installation using
PKGSRC_RUN_TEST=yes. The result of that was that many packages fail now
during their self-tests, even ones like lang/perl5, devel/libtool-base,
devel/libidn and several others that are needed for basic operation.

Now I wonder when these self-tests have been run the last time successfully.

Does anyone run bulk builds regularly having PKGSRC_RUN_TEST=yes in
their mk.conf, and if so, what are the results?


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