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Re: TMPDIR and (was Re: clang builds and /var/tmp)

Le 28/10/15 20:30, Richard PALO a écrit :
> What I'm currently testing in
>>> -ALL_ENV+=              HOME=${FAKEHOMEDIR}
> will simply keep things there as well.
> What has not been dealt with [yet] is if it is eventually appropriate to
> push that elsewhere... for example something like user or pkg defined PKGTMPDIR.
> In which case, TMPDIR could be something like TMPDIR=${PKGTMPDIR:U${FAKEHOMEDIR}}
> Myself I keep WRKOBJDIR in '/tmp/pkgsrc' and have only come across so far an issue when building clang as the build directory pushes over 24G!  Naturally using /var/tmp/pkgsrc
> easily gets over this, but that means /var/tmp must also be able to handle the size.
> I'm in absolutely no hurry to rush the patch, which will certainly need more experience "in the field".

Has something recently modified something affecting the order where the .PHONY fake-home target is invoked?

The patch phase now fails because $FAKEHOMEDIR doesn't yet exist, so I'm forced to define PKGTMPDIR to something like /tmp

The following seems to get over that, but is there a better way to ensure creation order with perhaps generate-wrappers?
> --- a/mk/
> +++ b/mk/
> @@ -400,7 +400,7 @@ USE_LANGUAGES?=             # empty
>  #Fake up a home directory
>  WRAPPER_TARGETS+=      fake-home
>  FAKEHOMEDIR=           ${WRKDIR}/.home
>  .PHONY: fake-home
>  fake-home: ${FAKEHOMEDIR}
> @@ -574,7 +574,7 @@ all: ${_PKGSRC_BUILD_TARGETS}
>  .endif
>  .PHONY: makedirs
> -makedirs: ${WRKDIR}
> +makedirs: ${WRKDIR} ${FAKEHOMEDIR}
>  ${WRKDIR}:
>  .if !defined(KEEP_WRKDIR)

Richard PALO

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