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libsmi license: esdl-license -- Free or not?

On doing my usual pre-branch pkg_rr, libsmi failed to build because it
newly has a license esdl-license not in DEFAULT_ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES.
(I'm assuming it's just newly tagged and the actual licensing situation
has not changed.)

Reading esdl-license, it's more-or-less like ISC, but not quite.  Still,
it's obviously intended to be a broad permissive license similar to
2-clause BSD, ISC, MIT, etc.  But I dont't find any evidence that it's
been approved by FSF or OSI.

It seems libsmi is considered to meet the DFSG by Debian.  We haven't
adopted Debian/DFSG as a path to DEFAULT_ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES, but tht is
probably a reasonable approach.

This situation is a problem because wireshark depends on it, so
wireshark won't build or install by default.

So, I think we should either:

  Hold our nose and declare esdl-license close enough to ISC that we
  move it to esdl and put it in DEFAULT_ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES.

  Add esdl because of Debian DFSG approval.

  Drop libsmi as a dependency for Free packages.

What do people think?

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