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nodejs application packaging guidelines?

Not being very familiar with nodejs, does there exist any pkgsrc guidelines
on how to deal with nodejs based packages using 'npm install' and 'grunt'

This application is a web client interface.

sort of scared the hell out of me trying a test build with only 'npm install'
as it seems to install a couple of hundred and various modules from github: with something called 'bower' into a node_modules directory under $WRKSRC.

worried this 'bower' may something of a 'pip' equivalent from python, I'm 
looking  for pointers on how to correctly install this beast in a manageable way avoiding nonsense.

if it is possible;)

(hopefully it's only a matter of commenting out the postinstall script from package.json which does a 'bower install', setting the appropriate dependencies and copying the necessary files to .destdir)

anybody do any of this before?

cheers, and thanks in advance.

Richard PALO

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