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Re: discussion seeked for c++ variants in USE_LANGUAGES

I object, at least for now, becuase this is inconsistent with the
emerging consensus from the ongoing discussion.

As I understand it, the biggest issue is that one cannot really use
multiple C++ compilers on a given system at the same time.  Then, given
that c++11 is now more or less normal, we should just let the c++ value
imply c++11, and more or less consider any pre-c++11 C++ compiler to be

So that more or less means that if the system gcc is 4.8 (4.7?) or
newer, then we use it, otherwise we force 4.8, but via a variable that
the user can set to pick a different value, intended to be set once,
conceptually at bootsrap time.

I don't follow how having c++11 and c++14 both is going to lead to
working packages as a non-trivial number of packages need them and link
with each other.

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