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Re: Default ABI on Darwin

Jonathan Perkin <> writes:

> I always refer to what `uname -s` outputs and what our OPSYS variable
> is set to, which on "Mac OS X" is "Darwin".  Same as when I say
> "SunOS" in commit messages, even though I'm running SmartOS (and SunOS
> itself is long dead).

That makes sense.   I'll treat Darwin as a synonym for Mac OS X then.

> I think what you're referring to is OpenDarwin?

I think so.   But really I meant that when OS X came out, there was
Darwin which in theory was open source and then there was some mac stuff
on top.  So

  sort-of-open Darwin + proprietary mac-stuff = Mac OS X

It's not clear to me that the build tools we are using are available for
or work on Darwin w/o mac-stuff, so I think that in a real sense pkgsrc
for Darwin supports Mac OS X only, even though uname -s is Darwin.

If anyone has run pkgsrc recently on a Darwin system that isn't OS X,
that would be interesting to hear about.

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