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pbulk issues

pbulk has issues sometimes in a standard chroot sandbox (not a nullmounted sandbox:

........... 13961/13961
Initialisation complete.
[1363/16766] Starting build of  digest-20121220
/usr/pbulk/libexec/pbulk/pkg-build: /tmp/pkgtools/digest/work/.packages/digest-20121220.tgz: permission denied
[1363/16766] Failed to build    digest-20121220
[16708/16766] Starting build of  osabi-NetBSD-7.0
/usr/pbulk/libexec/pbulk/pkg-build: /tmp/pkgtools/osabi/work/.packages/osabi-NetBSD-7.0.tgz: permission denied
[16708/16766] Failed to build    osabi-NetBSD-7.0
[16712/16766] Starting build of  bsdtar-3.1.2nb1
/usr/pbulk/libexec/pbulk/pkg-build: /tmp/archivers/bsdtar/work/.packages/bsdtar-3.1.2nb1.tgz: permission denied
[16712/16766] Failed to build    bsdtar-3.1.2nb1
[16713/16766] Starting build of  zonetab-0

Does anyone know what pbulk is trying to do that isn't working? I've now seen this on amd64 and earmv7hf systems.


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