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pkgsrc-wip: how much CVS history imported to git?

I've been taking my first steps with the new pkgsrc-wip setup.  Having
never used 'git' before, I'm slowly getting a handle on how to do things.
Once I feel sufficiently competent with it (at least for my immediate
needs), I'll likely request commit access.

One thing I've not quite figured out is how much of the old CVS revision
history was imported to the 'git' repository?  Or was it just a current-
state snapshot?

There's one package I'd like to roll back to an earlier state than at
the HEAD of the master branch, but I've not figured out how to do that
or if it's even possible.

If that history is not available, I suppose I'll create a local branch
and import the older files from my rolled-back last update from the
old pkgsrc-wip CVS repository.

Or maybe just address the issues for which the roll-back was simply the
most expedient workaround ;).


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