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Re: 'lintpkgsrc' comparing checksums on like-named patches in different packages

On 14/09/15 22:43, Greg Troxel wrote:
"John D. Baker" <> writes:

With the freeze for pkgsrc-2015Q3 imminent, I'm going ahead and starting
the update process now.  After updating to HEAD, I typically run
'lintpkgsrc' to clean out the old and fetch the new distfiles and such.

Something I've noticed during these runs is complaints about checksum
mismatches on package patch files where the comparison is between two
distinctly different packages:

checksum mismatch between 'SHA1' for 'patch-libstdc++-v3_config_os_bsd_netbsd_ctype__inline.h' in lang/gcc44 and lang/gcc34
checksum mismatch between 'SHA1' for 'patch-libstdc++-v3_config_os_bsd_netbsd_ctype__noninline.h' in lang/gcc44 and lang/gcc34
I have been seeing this too.

A quick look at the code suggests that lintpkgsrc is helpfully checking that patches with exactly the same (long style) name but in the distinfo files of different packages have exactly the same hash. I guess it's for packages that set PATCHDIR but maintain their own distinfo, like gmplayer, which refers to mplayer patches.

In this case it looks like a harmless warning. Actually, the mismatching patch files are semantically identical in these two specific cases, so a cheap workaround would be to make them byte-wise identical too.

Or fix lintpkgsrc :)

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