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Re: lang/nodejs failure on netbsd-6 i386

Filip Hajny <> writes:

>> 12. 9. 2015 v 21:33, Greg Troxel <>:
>> Filip Hajny <> writes:
>>> See pkg/50231.
>> What's the plan to fix?  nodejs seems like it is too important a package
>> to be broken on netbsd-6.
>> Unless there's a better plan to have this in an ok state before Monday,
>> perhaps the upgrade should be reverted and this can be sorted out after
>> the freeze is over.
> I’m testing a fix right now.

Thanks - it builds ok now on netbsd-6 i386.

There was no TEST_TARGET, so I ran "gmake check", which blew up
compiling test programs.  If it works anywhere, it would be nice to set
TEST_TARGET=check, and resolve this.  But it's certainly not a blocker.

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