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Re: Package ProFTPD using DSO (Dynamic Shared Objects) support.

> 8. 9. 2015 v 16:59, Sebastian Wiedenroth <>:
> I’ve created a patch that changes how we package ProFTPD.
> Currently ProFTPD is packaged by compiling modules statically into the binary, depending on PKG_OPTIONS selected.
> With this patch modules would become loadable from the configuration file which has benefits for users of binary packages.
> This allows us to build and include more modules by default or split them into separate packages.
> Other systems like FreeBSD and Debian also package ProFTPD this way.
> I have started testing on SmartOS, NetBSD and OS X and most things seem to work but this is still ongoing.
> So I’d like to get some feedback on the attached patch.
> Depending on that I’d also like opinions if this can still go in so close to the freeze or if to better wait.

I didn’t test all of the sub-packages, but looks good to me and would definitely love to see this show up in 2015Q3; I split up Postfix earlier. That leaves apr-util, bind, dovecot, courier-authlib and lighttpd out of the bigger packages.


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