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Re: frexpl

> On Wed, Sep 09, 2015 at 03:09:32PM +0200, Havard Eidnes wrote:
>> > In goffice 0.10, there is a reference to frexpl.  There is a patch to
>> > declare it to avoid errors, but gumeric112 fails to link.
>> Which OS and OS-version is this for?
>> I remember making this patch, and on my development host which runs
>> NetBSD/i386 6.1.5 frexpl() is already present in libm, but not
>> declared in any header file, thus the patch.  I admit that I didn't
>> check whether it's more universally available in other netbsd-6
>> variants, and your query means that it probably isn't for the port
>> you're looking at...
> No? frexpl really was just added for NetBSD 7. You might have gotten gcc
> optimising the call away...

Sorry, it appears I'll have to backpedal on this one.  I had a
s_frexpl.c sitting in my libm/ src directory together with a
change to its Makefile to build it, probably pulled from newer
NetBSD in an earlier attemt to get newer goffice 0.10 to build,
and subsequently forgotten about.

Suggestions for cheesy workarounds accepted -- cast to double and
use frexp?  (Yes, you would lose precision and range(?) that way.)

BTW, it doesn't look like the frexp(3) man page in 7.0_RC3 has
been extended to document the frexpl() function...


- Håvard

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