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Re: mariadb and buildlink (Emmanuel Dreyfus) writes:

> If MYSQL_VERSION_DEFAULT=MARIADB55 then some package build break, 
> because they expect BUILDINK_xxx.mysql-client to be defined and they get
> BUILDINK_xxx.mariadb-client instead.
> Take the example of databases/php-pdo_mysql. Its Makefile features:
> CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--with-${MODNAME}=shared,${BUILDLINK_PREFIX.mysql-client}
> This should be --with-pdo_mysql=shared,/usr/pkg and it becomes just
> --with-pdo_mysql=shared, with the consequence that php-pdo_mysql configure
> script cannot find mysql_config and aborts;
> Working around is simple, we just need to define the proper variable in the
> mariadb55-client case. The patch below lets databases/php-pdo_mysql build with

My reaction (without too much thought) is that either mariadb is a
different database (as pgsql is to mysql), or it's a version of mysql
(with different names, but with depending packages expecting to treat it
as more-or-less mysql).  mk/ seems to indicate it is simply a
version of mysql.

Given that, I don't see why BUILDLINK_PREFIX.mariadb-client should even
exist; it seems like we should just set BUILDLINK_TREE to mysql-client.
If not, then all the variables should be copied from mariadb-client to

I am not entirely clear on MAKEVARS, but it seems to be about memoizing
computing variable contents.  If there are just going to be assignments
to FOO.mysql-lcient from FOO.mariadb-client, then those are as fast as
reading a memoized value could be, and I don't see that it helps.

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