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Packages not honouring CFLAGS

			Hi tech-pkg@,

while testing both SSP and full ASLR support (building PIE executables)
I realized that a number of packages do not apply CFLAGS as desired via
pkgsrc. As a result, either SSP is not used when configured, or the
package does not build at all (objects not suitable for PIE).

Here is a list of some of the offenders:
- archivers/zip
- audio/nas
- devel/deforaos-libsystem
- devel/yasm
- security/libgcrypt
- security/libgpg-error
- sysutils/deforaos-browser
- sysutils/wmSMPmon
- time/wmitime
- x11/deforaos-libdesktop (like every deforaos- package probably)

Is this considered a bug?

If yes, I can provide a number of fixes for this issue.


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