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Re: gtk? and PKGLOCALEDIR=lib

Le 22/07/15 19:30, Richard PALO a écrit :
>> diff --git a/mk/platform/ b/mk/platform/
>> index 02cfde7..e183b98 100644
>> --- a/mk/platform/
>> +++ b/mk/platform/
>> @@ -5,6 +5,7 @@
>>  ECHO_N?=       ${ECHO} -n
>>  IMAKE_MAKE?=   ${MAKE} # program which gets invoked by imake
>> +USE_PKGLOCALEDIR?=     yes
>>  PS?=           /bin/ps
>>  # XXX: default from defaults/mk.conf.  Verify/correct for this platform
>>  # and remove this comment.

The SunOS default of 'lib' for PKGLOCALEDIR appears to be simply outdated.

Looking in both and
Solaris (as well as OpenSolaris/OpenIndiana) use 'share', at least since around 2009 if not before.

Personally, I'm going to run with PKGLOCALEDIR=share for now on in etc/mk.conf.

I propose to make it the default as well in platform/, at least for SunOS 5.1*.
It seems useful to keep USE_PKGLOCALEDIR=yes as a safeguard mesure.

Richard PALO

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