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Re: removing useless dependencies

> No. Let's pick a nice example to illustrate the problem:
This looks very strange and severly broken.

> On the other hand:
> DEPENDS+= {perl>=5.8.4,p5-MIME-Base64>=3.01}:../../converters/p5-MIME-Base64
> Let's say we have perl-5.22.0 and p5-MIME-Base64-3.15nb1 at hand. By
> itself, this will install perl-5.22.0 as it has the higher version
> number.
How does the logic deciding this know
-- what version of perl is "at hand"
-- how to install perl
given there's no hint in the dependency line where that "perl" package is 
Is there some magic hard-coded into the dependency logic making your example 
different from
	DEPENDS+= {foo>=47.11,bar>=0.8.15}:../../local/bar
which certainly can't know how to install the "foo" package?

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