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Mark Davies wrote:
> On Tue, 26 May 2015 01:00:50 Kamil Rytarowski wrote:
> > I assume that both should use $PREFIX/etc/xdg. Using /etc looks
> > inapropraite as it prevents from multiple releases of pkgsrc and
> > interferes with a host. /usr/pkg/qt5/etc/xdg is just plain wrong,
> > as xdg is under wrong prefix. Am I right?
> > 
> > For now I'm using $PREFIX/etc/xdg for LXQt and it seems reasonable.
> I think that should be ${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}/xdg.
> Certainly that is what KDE uses/expects.

You are right! ${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}/xdg is the proper path (by default
it's the same as ${PREFIX}/etc/xdg) and it was used in wip/lxqt:


LXQT discovers ${LXQT_ETC_XDG_DIR} with the qmake command and I have to
overwrite it.

There is also one nit, liblxqt sets LXQT_ETC_XDG_DIR for depending
packages as a static path literal and tries to install there xdg files.

pkgsrc framework requires to install these files to so called $EGDIR --
example directory (see audio/pulseaudio/patches/ )
and then it's handled by the CONF framework. Is there a way to push this
behavior to upstream? For now I'm patching all sources, eg.

I'm going to prepare a patch for qt4 and qt5 (qt3 doesn't handle it) to
set QT_INSTALL_CONFIGURATION to ${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}/xdg Is someone against
this change? It take a while as qt4 and qt5 are heavy to manage,
thankfully this change looks trivial.

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