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Aw: Re: Empty PLIST for package wip/dwb33

Mateusz Poszwa <> wrote:

> Hello.
> I?ve been asked to share my opinion on renaming wip/dwb.
> I have nothing against renaming wip/dwb if it conflicts
> with older software, but I also can?t see very important
> reasons to do so. If everything goes well,
> dwb will become www/dwb, and dwb33 ? textproc/dwb33.
> If I was to pick an alternative name for dwb though,
> I?d choose dwb-gtk3, since it can be compiled against
> two major versions of GTK+. It can also be compiled
> against WebKit1, but so far I haven?t succeed in bringing
> it to working condition because of an old bug in WebKit1.
> Just my two cents. I?m aware I?m not the boss here. ;-)
> Do you think we should take the discussion back to tech-pkg?

Yes, we should.

Regarding the older software dwb33 wins :)  The package with the actual name DWB does exist since around 1980.

To be serious--maybe Thomas Klausner or an other pkgsrc maintainer should help to decide that.

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