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Build wrappers misguided by a symlink

I've encountered a problem with wip/pcmanfm-qt (a dependency of wip/lxqt).

Basically it tries to lookup $PREFIX/include/libfm/*.h files. The libfm directory (in reality a symlink to a directory) is provided by wip/libfm.

The problem starts at the point that libfm is a symlink to libfm-1.0, so the real headers reside in $PREFIX/include/libfm-1.0/*.h.

The pkgsrc build-wrappers copy the desired directory $PREFIX/include/libfm to work/.buildlink/include, but there the symbolic link is resolved and lands the directory under name work/.buildlink/include/libfm-1.0. work/.buildlink/include/libfm is absent and the package fails to lookup headers.

Fatal error: libfm/fm.h: No such file or directory
#include <libfm/fm.h>

What's the proper pkgsrc-way to solve it?

I lost my hair on it and I propose to fix the build wrappers or make package creation of libfm fatal, anything to prevent this failure to happen again in future.

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