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Re: vlc-2.2.1 crash in module loader

[Quotes reordered for clarity]

On Fri, 1 May 2015 19:47:06 +0200 "Ian D. Leroux"
<> wrote:

> On Fri, 1 May 2015 10:51:23 +0200 Tobias Nygren <>
> wrote:
> > I'm getting this reproducable crash in VLC when opening a file.
> > Has anyone else observed similar issues?
> > (If not, it could be a clang specific problem)
> I'm not seeing that error [...]
> Aside from the clang hypothesis that you mention, other possible
> differences between my setup and yours are:
> 1- I'm running NetBSD/amd64 7.99.5
> 2- The package that I've run-tested was built without dbus (I
> compile-tested all options, but so far I've only test-run the version
> that I would normally install).  Come to think of it, the dbus option
> in vlc21 was commented out in with the remark XXX Broken,
> though I haven't yet figured out why.

I've now rebuilt and tested with the default options (i.e. including
dbus), and I'm still not seeing the specific error you mentioned.  I am
however getting crashes (with different-looking backtraces), so there
are clearly several problems to be fixed before this package is ready
for prime time.

> [00007f7ff7b5b678] qt4 interface error: Unable to load extensions
> module
> I remember this also appearing with previous versions
> (multimedia/vlc21) and since the program runs and plays fine and
> doesn't crash (for me), I hadn't taken the time to look into it.

This turns out to be a side-effect of building vlc without lua support,
because it uses lua for its extension modules.  I'm trying out a
version of the package with lua enabled and we'll see how much that

> Any chance of building vlc with debugging symbols to get a more
> useful backtrace?

You had, of course, already done this.  Thank you, and sorry for the
confusion.  For my information, since it looks like I'm going to have
to do a bunch of testing to at least put together a reasonable error
report, how did you do this?  Option debug to vlc and adding -g to
CFLAGS, or is there a pkgsrc switch for this that I've forgotten about?

Thanks for being so quick to test.


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