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webkit-gtk-2.6.5 available in pkgsrc-wip

Hello to the entire pkgsrc community,
during the analysis of why wip/webkit-gtk3 fails and some private
emails with Thomas Klausner I have updated webkit-gtk to 2.6.5, the
latest stable version. Actually it builds and install correctly but
unfortunately I did not tested it. In the 2.6 series the WebKit 1 API
is no more available and AFAIK the packages that we have in pkgsrc ATM
can not use the 2.6 version. It depends on both x11/gtk3 and x11/gtk2
(only needed for plugins).

If someone know a possible package that needs webkit2gtk-4.0 please let
me know or feel free to test it yourself. I hope it will ease the update
for future webkit-gtk updates and related dependencies in pkgsrc.
IIRC adding -DENABLE_TOOLS=ON probably will build a minimal WebKit
browser inside ${WRKSRC}/bin but I have still not tested it.

Have fun!

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