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Re: extracting

Greg Troxel <> writes:

> Jonathan Perkin <> writes:
>> * On 2015-01-19 at 17:18 GMT, Robert Swindells wrote:
>>> Is there any way to configure pkgsrc to let you run 'make extract' by
>>> itself, that is without the packages required to build being present ?
>> bmake SKIP_DEPENDS=yes extract
> It would be nice if the order were changed so that it was
> fetch extract patch depends [rest]
> rather than depends being so early.
> I often want to unpack (and usually patch) to look at something, and
> this tends to lead to dependencies.

I oppose this. The most frequent use is not unpacking to look at something,
it is to build and install rather. In that case, even fetching sources
let alone extracting them when some dependency doesn't even build is a
waste of a time and disk space. E.g. the latter sequence will cause
users to spend multiple gigabytes of space in case one wants to build
some top package a la LibreOffice or Firefox. Developers, on the other hand,
can learn using SKIP_DEPENDS very easily.


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