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Re: openntpd

On Sat, Jan 17, 2015 at 10:06:28AM +0100, 'Thomas Klausner' wrote:

> Yes, it does.

Cool, thanks; submitted.

> Take care though about whitespace -- your mailer seems to have wrapped this.

Sorry, this was just posted for visual review, I didn't intend for
anybody to actually try and use it.

> This should be
> .Dv SIGINFO ) ,

Fixed before submitting, thanks.

> did they really accept it as-is?

I'm not sure; Brent told me he was going to incorporate it into the
upstream portable patchset but he hasn't yet. Hopefully he has a better
eye for nroff than I do 8-/. Hmm, guess not, looks like he pulled it in
yesterday with the same spacing I had. I'll let him know to tune it up.

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