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add tenshi package to pkgsrc

I recently tried to submit a package for the log analysis and reporting
software tenshi ( via the bug
reporting system, and was asked to instead add it to pkgsrc-wip for review.
After pulling it over, I see there is already a package for tenshi version
0.11 (circa 2009) in the repository. It seems this package never made it
into pkgsrc production? And is rather outdated, as the current version is

The maintainer on the current package in wip is listed as, based on their sourceforge profile page
there hasn't been any activity for a while.

I'm seeking advice as to where to go from here as far as updating wip to the
latest version of tenshi and hopefully getting it accepted into production.
I don't want to step on any toes by committing changes to this existing wip
package :).


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