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Re: Purpose of mk/

"J. Lewis Muir" <> writes:

> This is for any software that does not use GNU Autotools.  I actually
> prefer not to use Autotools for software I write.  I prefer just default
> make variables in Makefile that can be overridden from the make command
> line invocation (e.g. "make PREFIX=/opt").  This works well, I think,
> and it works really nicely for packaging since the packager knows where
> things are and can just set them rather than trying to trick Autotools
> into figuring out the right things.
> But maybe my no-Autotools approach doesn't scale well; I don't know.

It doesn't scale; packagers need to read and understand your docs,
rather than just saying "this uses autoconf".   Telling autoconf-built
packages how to set prefix, and so on is already worked out as a general

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