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cwrappers test diff

A number of people have asked to try out the cwrappers work, so I've
generated a diff of where I've currently got to:

All you need to do is bootstrap and then start using those tools.  If
you want to use native, then build and install pkgtools/cwrappers,
then add USE_CWRAPPERS=yes to your mk.conf

There are still a number of issues, so expect to see some failures,
issues I'm currently tracking are:

 - Fortran is currently broken.

 - cwrappers do not support fnmatch expressions, and there are various
   uses in pkgsrc, mostly of the -O[0-9]* variety.

 - The cwrappers environment is stricter, passing through fewer paths,
   notably those under /usr/include/* and /usr/lib/*.  I believe this
   to be a good thing, though it will require fixups.

You can compare two reasonably identical builds to see the difference
(bulktest is the one with cwrappers enabled):


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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