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Re: Mutex implementation on m68k/netbsd-7?

On Sat, 23 Aug 2014, Hauke Fath wrote:

> At 12:08 Uhr -0500 23.8.2014, John D. Baker wrote:
> >If you have patches to restore current db4 to building on sparc (and
> I have uploaded the relevant patches to database/db4 to
> <>. They
> date back to 2010 and most likely will not apply cleanly to the current
> db4 package. But they will point to the processor specific primitives
> that have to be provided, both for the configure script and for the
> "dbinc/mutex_int.h" header.

I've finally got a tuit of the circular variety to investigate the
patches on db4{8}.  The only reason they didn't apply cleanly is because
everything except the sparc-specific parts were already in pkgsrc patches.

I first adapted them as local patches to be applied after the pkgsrc
patches.  Actually, I applied the patch to "dbinc/mutex_int.h" manually
as there was an unnecessary change in the original patch.  I cleaned up
local-patch versions and saved comprehensive patches that can replace
the ones in "databases/db4/patches/"

As I write, it passed the configure test and is building.  I'll need to
rearrange some things to perform a functional test.

I then took a look at "databases/db5" figuring it hadn't changed all
that much.  Sure enough, the smaller local patch for "dbinc/mutex_int.h"
(now "src/dbinc/mutex_int.h" in "databases/db5") was the only change
needed and applied cleanly.   The local patch for "dist/configure applied
with some offset and I've regenerated a clean local patch and full patch
to replace that in "databases/db5/patches/"

I'll run config/build test of db5 when db48 is finished.

Thanks for the help.

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