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Re: discussion seeked for c++ variants in USE_LANGUAGES

Le 07/07/14 11:29, Joerg Sonnenberger a écrit :
On Mon, Jul 07, 2014 at 07:46:04AM +0200, Richard PALO wrote:
Not finding much discussion about c++ variants in USE_LANGUAGES, I'd
like to open this topic with a proposal to add 'c++0x', 'c++11',
'c++1y' and probably very soon 'c++14' where the default c++ (in gcc
at least) is c++98 plus extensions (aka gnu++98.

c++0x should not be added, at most the compiler logic should use it for
c++11. That said, I'm not sure how useful it is for older GCC version,
given that e.g. GCC 4.5 is lacking a lot of the language features.

What are the native gcc compiler versions habitually used?

Myself, I bootstrap [currently] with a gcc 4.4 compiler, then I build pkgsrc gcc >= 4.7 so no problem there.

The other consideration is whether the language standard should be
gnuc++11 or c++11.

Has anybody tried changing the c99 defaults from 'gnu99' to 'c99' to see what blows (like during a bulk build)?

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