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Re: rollback print/cups for pkgsrc-2014Q2?

Fredrik Pettai writes:
- On Jun 16, 2014, at 05:28 , Eric Schnoebelen <> 
- > To that end, I rolled my own CUPS print server back to the
- > 1.5.4nb11 package that was on the -2014Q1 branch.
- > 
- > In the interest of making sure our users have a working print
- > server once they upgrade to the pkgsrc-2014Q2 branch, I'd
- > strongly recommend we roll back the print/cups package to
- > 1.5.4nb11.
- > 
- > Other opinions?
- Did you try 1.6.4 ?

No, but I doubt it would have provided much joy, since 1.6.x was
the release where Apple decoupled all of the previously built in

Seriously, I needed a working printing system badly, so I backed
down to what worked.

Eric Schnoebelen      
          Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... 
                well, I have others.  -- Groucho Marx

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