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Re: rollback print/cups for pkgsrc-2014Q2?

Uwe Klaus writes:
- I also spent some time to get cup 1.7.3 running, but I managed to print.
- For postscript based printers I used cups-filters. The cups and the 
- cups-filters package share some files, so you have to resolve PLIST 
- conflicts.
- share/cups/banners/classified
- share/cups/banners/confidential
- share/cups/banners/secret
- share/cups/banners/standard
- share/cups/banners/topsecret
- share/cups/banners/unclassified
- share/cups/data/testprint
- For non postscript based printers (in my case HP Photosmart C309a) I 
- installed hplip together with ghostscript-gpl and option cups enabled 
- (ghostscript-agpl didn't work).
- Again ghostscript-gpl and cups-filters share some files.
- libexec/cups/filter/gstopxl
- libexec/cups/filter/gstoraster

I encountered all of those issues as well, and spent a bit of
time trying to resolve them. Another conflict was with

I choose to rebuild ghostscript-gpl without the "cups" flag to
resolve the conflict there.

Even after all of that, I was unable to print a test page, and
trying to print a plain text file generated an error about CUPS
being unable to find a font to print with.

Needless to say, after suppressing my urge to take the relevant
server to the top of a very tall building and throw it over, I
backed down to CUPS 1.5.4nb11  via the pkgsrc-2014Q1 tree.

- > After futzing and fighting with it for most of the weekend, I
- > was unable to create a working print server.  With the previous
- > version, it was working fine. Fundementally, it's *bad* when it
- > can't even print a test page on a postscript printer.
- This is really annoying. The following page explains the background.

I wish I would  have found that page when I was googling
yesterday.  Not that it would have changed much, I suspect.

Eric Schnoebelen      
          Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... 
                well, I have others.  -- Groucho Marx

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