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openafs upgrade ok?

I want to upgrade OpenAFS to 1.6.9. Here's the applicable commit message:
Upgrade to OpenAFS 1.6.9

OpenAFS 1.6.9

  All server platforms

    * Fix for OPENAFS-SA-2014-002

OpenAFS 1.6.8

  All platforms

    * Documentation improvements (10751 10875 10931 10897 10883 10954 10955)

    * Improved diagnostics and error messages (10756 10814 10949)

    * Fixed a bug in RX that could make errors during packet reception go
      unnoticed. (10733)

    * Fixed a bug that made "vos size -dump" display the wrong size for
      large volumes. (10933)  (RT #131819)

  All server platforms 

    * Change the default fileserver sync behavior from "delayed" to "onclose".
      This means that explicit syncing only happens when a volume is detached.

    * Added the -offline-timeout and -offline-shutdown-timeout options to the
      fileserver, to implement interrupting clients accessing volumes we are
      trying to take offline. (6266 10799)

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