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Re: NetBSD 5 package status

On Wed, 04 Jun 2014 06:47:35 -0600, Greg Troxel <> 

> Manuel's bulk reports for 2014Q1 show the following packages with lots
> of consequences (plus math/blas on amd64):
> x11/gtk3                                 406

Not long (enough) ago, I gave up on netbsd-5 in-tree Xorg and use only
modular/pkgsrc Xorg on the systems I still have running netbsd-5 (three
i386 systems).  (I would like to use netbsd-6 or -current, but something
broke the X server between -5 and -6 on some i810e-based machines, see

Anyway, with modular/pkgsrc Xorg, x11/gtk3 builds and operates just fine
on netbsd-5/i386.

> devel/boost-libs                         325

This apparently can't be compiled with native gcc 4.1.3 in netbsd-5.
It built successfully with gcc 4.6.4 (needed for www/firefox anyway)
but none of the packages that depend on boost-libs (that I tried--
multimedia/gnash, cad/kicad, misc/libreoffice4) would build.  I had
other alternatives and tasks so have not investigated it further.

> audio/pulseaudio                         302

I disable pulseaudio in PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS so no, I have not tried it.

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