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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/lang/gfortran

From: Ryo ONODERA <>, Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2014 
15:59:09 +0900 (JST)

> From: Aleksej Saushev <>, Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2014 
> 10:12:29 +0400
>>   Hello,
>> Ryo ONODERA <> writes:
>>> Hi,
>>> From: Greg Troxel <>, Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2014 
>>> 19:43:47 -0400
>>>> Ryo ONODERA <> writes:
>>>>> You mean that all lang/gcc{3,4}* should be converted to
>>>>> gcc4*-{c,c++,fortran,...}?
>>>>> I feel that it is good idea, but I have no idea about how to convert them 
>>>>> now.
>>>>> I will try to convert them into separate packages.
>>>> I read asau@'s objection as simply being that a package that is part of
>>>> gcc48 should have gcc48 in the name, so that when fortran based on gcc47
>>>> or gcc49 comes along, it can have a sensible name.
>>> I see.
>>> Probably I have misunderstood asau@'s e-mail.
>>> I will rename lang/gfortran to lang/gfortran48.
>>> gcc48-gfortran is not so good, I feel.
>>> Thank you.
>> I still think that it should carry GCC in its name, since this is what it is:
>> it is Fortran compiler from GCC.
>> First of all, there's reason why Fortran compiler is not "gfortran" already.
>> The reason is that there is (or was at the time) no consistency across
>> platforms on which GCC package suits. This means that we have to do some
>> additional work on compiler selection in general _before_ we touch
>> anything else in this respect.
>> Second, if you want to procede with gfortran from GCC48, there exists
>> one already. It is part of lang/gcc48. I don't mind if you split it into
>> pieces, but please, do that in such a way that makes sense. In particular,
>> it should not raise a flow of questions on the difference.
>> This is another argument in favour of your gfortran package to have name
>> like "gcc48-gfortran".
> Hi,
> Thanks for your explanation.
> I would like to create the following packages
> lang/gcc48 ... meta package for all gcc 4.8.* compilers
> lang/gcc48-cc++ ... C and C++ compilers (As far as I understand,
>                     C and C++ compilers cannot be separated for gcc48)
> lang/gcc48-gfortran ... Fortran 95/2003/2008 compiler
> lang/gcc48-go ... Go language compiler
> lang/gcc48-java ... Java compiler
> lang/gcc48-objc ... Objective C and C++ compiler
> for gcc47 or earlier, gcc4?-c and gcc4?-c++ will be separated.
> But I am not sure I can create separate packages...

My plan is slightly changed, but my change is almost completed
(under NetBSD and OpenBSD).

If you find the problem, please tell me.

I am checking SunOS build.

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