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Re: Trying to update www/webkit-gtk to 2.4.1

Hello Thomas and all the tech-pkg@!
I hope I will bring good news in the next days (my ooold machine will
take about 48h to build webkit-gtk and I will be a bit busy)... I
finally found what caused the problem: --enable-optimizations and in
particular <ssp.h>.
The function redefinitions that were in the log seem all present in
After an inspection of configure I saw that --enable-optimizations is by
default on (and should not be because on pkgsrc usually the user sets
her favourite CFLAGS) and it not only added -O* flags but also
-D_FORTIFY_SOURCES=2 without including ssp nor linking to -lssp...

I am not 100% sure that I will able to succesfully build it but it worth
trying! ;)

For more information please see my last commit message on


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